You Failed, You Passed or You have to Redo.

We’re in that period that everyone is stressed out or just nervous about: results. And not just normal test results, no, final results deciding if you failed your year, passed it or have to redo an exam.

What’s the worst about this?


for that damn call from your teacher giving you the results. It’s like some itch it keeps nagging you bit by bit and eventually grows bigger and bigger until you just can’t hold it in anymore. Sometimes that’s the moment your phone rings or, usually, nothing happens and you’re doomed to just sitting there and making your parents crazy… The people next to you, on the couch, being nervous as hell as well.

The clock is ticking loudly and the silence could cut everything up and all ot the sudden your phone lets out a noise, your ringtone. Your heartrate goes through the roof, beating twofold what it’s supposed to. You look at your phone screen, and the caller ID says “anoyoumus.” Your heartbeat rises even more to 400 beats a minute. You reach out to the phone and take a deeeeep breath and pick up the phone saying, “Hello you’re speaking with____”‏
You talk with your teacher (s)he’s asking how you’re feeling and what you think the result is, you laugh sheepishly and just answer the questions, but honestly all you think is:

”JUST SAY IT ALREADY!!”, but you can’t so you just follow the lead.

I am writing this like it happened to someone else, but honestly this what happened to me a few hours ago. I studied really hard (doesn’t everyone for their finals?) and I got some impressive scores, but of course I am the type of person who always ends up having to do a redo, because why do it in one time when you get a second chance?

So my high school story hasn’t come to an end yet.
I am little life writer. An average girl with 99 problems, and finishing my finals is one of them.



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