Friday the 13th

I’ve always been the kind of person who did absolutely not believe in Friday the 13th, but yesterday sure took it’s toll on me and made me think about it. And no, I still think its a coincidence and that it has nothing to do with that particular  day…

I think, I hope..

It all started with a wake up call at 9:00 am from my mentor, because what is a better way to wake up? It’s getting better: she said I had to be at school in a hour to apply for my redo and, if I won’t make it I will have failed and inevitably be kicked off this school.

Good morning to you too..

There I was at home alone with my 2-year old sibling still sleeping.

My mentors way of a solution: waking him up and taking him with me, so I had to dress up an half asleep 2 year old (I did not even care about my looks on that moment) and take him on a 40 trip to school.

No way I was going to make that..

She said she was going to see what she could do and that she didn’t know I had to apply for my redo.

She called herself a ”good” mentor, but she never knew a thing..

Meanwhile it was 9:25 am I woke up my little sibling and dressed him while I called my mom saying she had to come home right away and bring me to school. Luckily mom was already on her way home from her appointment. As soon as she came home she drove me and my half asleep little sibling to my school while she cursed as a sailor about how mad she was at my mentor and that she wouldn’t let this slip that easily

I arrived at school in my blouse, that somewhat resembles a dress, and Converse all-stars, with my sleepy head, and without having combed my hair around 9:50 am. I ran as fast as I could up the 4 stairs to the administration (did I say I was on my period and was dying of belly cramps as well?). When I got there my old English teacher stood there and just had to say that I looked like I had just rolled out of bed..

Thank you for pointing it out.

I applied for my redo and collapsed on the ground, feeling all the adrenaline fleeing my body at once, draining me of my energy. That is the moment it hit me and I became utterly frustrated with my mentor. Luckily for her she was at home having a free day, otherwise I would have given it to her. She’ll still get it when I see her.

It was 10:10 am and I was looking positively at the rest of the day, at least I had applied for my redo.

I sat in the sun until around 3:00 PM and went home. Forgetting this awful morning. That’s what I thought. It was, in hindsight, a far too optimistic view on things. When I came home it seemed that I had forgot my keys and was, therefore, locked out of my house.

Yeah, lucky me right?

I sat there for around 2 hours in front of my door waiting for someone to come home and open the door for me. My mom came home around 5:00 PM asking what the hell I was doing in front of the door. I explained how I hated this day and she said some shopping would do me some good. I took a shower , got dressed in my normal attire and we went to the mall.

At first I enjoyed my time and I bought some things I would need for my vacation and, for the first time that day, I was smiling again. I took out my phone and it slipped from my hand. When I glanced at it to examine the damage, I was screaming inside as I hoped the screen hadn’t cracked since I had repaired my cracked screen last week. I picked it up turned it on and I felt like crying: my whole screen was malfunctioning, flickering from white to regular and back again. The screen was definitely not OK.

When did I say I didn’t believe in Friday the 13th??

Some good things did happen as well though! The Netherlands kicked Spain’s ass yesterday during the World Cup in Brazil with 5 to 1! I also bought some amazing accessories and I got to enjoy the warm summer’s sun all day long.

See? I outnumbered the bad things already!

Everyday in the end should have good things outnumber the bad ones. Always look on the bright side of life :). Even when you feel like strangling your mentor.

I am an average 18-year old with 99 problems. A broken phone and an idiot mentor are two of them.

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