The Heroes without any superpowers

This is written in memory of someone who isn’t here with me anymore.
In memory of the people who are still fighting for peace and safety.
for strong and ambitious people leaving safety and going out there to save the people who aren’t as lucky as us.
For the people who stayed home and need to hear the terrible news of losing their loved ones.
their death isn’t just to serve their country, but to serve all of us and give us a peaceful world.

An empty thought.
A similar feeling.

Blood That boils
A Scary feeling

Death around the corner
Ignoring My Sorrow

Souls Are fleeing
Friends Are kneeling

A massacre Full of blood.

An Empty thought

Not understanding The cruelty
Wandering away.

Fleeing The battle field
Keep running away

My Sorrow has left
Just like my soul

I won’t hide myself anymore
I’ll step up at the battle field.
and let tomorrow go.

I am an average 18-year old with 99 problems , missing my best friend is one of them.


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