Walls Around The Soul.

We all have felt that moment, that moment when you feel like someone is getting into your safety zone. 1
Someone does not accept the way you are or they hurt you and make you build a wall.

Some people try, try hard to be themself behind these walls.
A long time ago I was one of them.
Not confident
Not strong
Not knowing whats going on.

So this poem I wrote it for the people out there
who are struggling, struggling with themself.

My message today:

Stay strong and be who you are.
Be noticed. Noticed by your own charm. 


I build walls,
And around my heart.
To keep out the unwanted

I build walls,
against people who harm

These walls,
Old and strong

Come, look closer
You won’t see what’s wrong.

I build walls,
They started cracking today

A lot of people try to get in
I want them to stay away,

I build walls
None may get in

Behind these walls
There is a world
Full of pain, joy and a bit pleasure

Everything thrown in a pool
A blood pool growing 

Behind these walls 
Is an innocent girl
Rebuilding everything to keep out the world

Behind these walls
There is a girl
Trying to be herself 

I am an average 18-year-old with 99 problems and being myself isn’t one of them


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