Friends? For ever?

There have been many things I had to learn the hard way, but there is one thing I just never seem to learn:

Picking the right friends. 

I am the kind of girl that, when we’re friends, is likely to do anything she can to keep you, as my friend, happy. I would help you as much as I possibly could. I’d even go so far as to take you everywhere I go with my family, because that’s fun, right? That’s what friends do, right? Having fun with each other and make memories together so that later on we can have good things to reminiscence about.  These things all make it easy for people to take advantage of me, and they more often than not do.

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Friday the 13th

I’ve always been the kind of person who did absolutely not believe in Friday the 13th, but yesterday sure took it’s toll on me and made me think about it. And no, I still think its a coincidence and that it has nothing to do with that particular  day…

I think, I hope..

It all started with a wake up call at 9:00 am from my mentor, because what is a better way to wake up? It’s getting better: she said I had to be at school in a hour to apply for my redo and, if I won’t make it I will have failed and inevitably be kicked off this school.

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The Heroes without any superpowers

This is written in memory of someone who isn’t here with me anymore.
In memory of the people who are still fighting for peace and safety.
for strong and ambitious people leaving safety and going out there to save the people who aren’t as lucky as us.
For the people who stayed home and need to hear the terrible news of losing their loved ones.
their death isn’t just to serve their country, but to serve all of us and give us a peaceful world. Continue reading