Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful

Recently All I have been seeing is being be yourself post. People saying they should be their self but is it that easy? is it that though? People are trying so hard to be unique, to be seen that they lose sight of those who see them or loath for them. It’s sad.

When I think about it I remember a story my mom told me: It was about a girl who tried really hard to stand out. She got so caught up in it that she lost those who already thought she was unique. In the end she dies because she tries so hard that she turns depressed but thats a topic for another time.

What I am trying to say: do we the humans of this generation try to hard? So hard that we come up with a term for it : HIPSTERS, Like seriously? hipsters? you’re trying to be different so you just give yourself a new kind of name and all you could think of was a pair of underwear? Okay I guess?

What I’m curious about is mostly: what do you think everyday when you stand in front of your closet? I asked a few of my friends and came home with totally different yet the same answers.

” What do I feel like wearing today?”
” What would (insert lover\crush name) think looks good on me?”
” What would make people think of me as an hipster”  <– yep underwear is back again
” How can I look like someone confident?”
” Do I want to comfy or stylish today?”

All kind of different statements from people who say they are themself.

When are you honestly being yourself? I’ve been thinking because in my opinion the person who you are today doesn’t have to be the same as the person from yesterday while you’re still being “yourself”. I think we change everyday in order to “survive” if I may call it that and I don’t mean surviving as in not living  and just getting through the day , no I don’t mean that.

What I mean is that you just say what you think. How mean or painfull it sounds to the other person, because the truth mostly hurts. I think you’re being yourself when you’re not ashamed of the things you like or dislike. Being shy isn’t bad being hyperactive isn’t bad.  Chaining down your opinions , holding back actions that make you, you thats bad

Being different is good. Don’t fit in, don’t sit still, don’t ever try to be less then what you are or want to be and if someone does tell you you’re different. Smile and keep your head high, because you are a limited edition and not a copy 😊

I am an average 19 year old with 99 problems and not understanding the value of being myself quotes is one of them