Be A Preacher Not a Judge.

Let me be clear. I understand very little, least of all the things happening close to me. We humans are very interesting creatures. Our brains all work the same yet don’t see or feel the same.

How is it than that:
We judge people for judging people because judging people is wrong?

Oh wait I am judging you, Sorry.

We want to fit in, yet we want to stand out and when someone else does stand out there either asking for attention or made so insecure that they turn into “regular” people and lose themselves. People judge on different things like; race, religion, sex and appearance.

Let’s start with an example, think of it a dark skinned person walking in a bad neighborhood he doesn’t have nice clothing just decent ones. Our brain automatically fills the empty pieces together without us noticing. It remembers a dark skinned person, bad neighborhood and remembers things said on the news and the first thing you’ll brain will say; he must be a drug dealer or a thief. It’s not your fault it’s just things that our unconsciousness remembers and pieces together. Little do you know the man is a volunteer in different housings to help elderly people do grocery shopping and cleans their houses.

The same goes for a man wearing a djellaba and has a beard, funny enough this happened to me the other day while working. A man came into the store looking like this and a few minutes after I hear a colleague says: oh there you must have a terrorist again without even talking or looking closely at the man. My colleague her conscious thought he might scream Allahu akbar and suicide bomb us. I told her she should help him and see for herself if how she judged him would be as he really is. She did, little did she expect him to be such a nice and polite man with such wisdom and love for the country we’re living in. That day she helped the man and retold me the wisdom he had told her.

It’s saddening to notice, but this happens a lot. Like when I was working at one my previous workplaces a man who looked homeless came into the store to look at the leather jackets that were stalled out. I asked the man if he would like to have a cup of coffee and he did. After I had given the man his cup of coffee my boss asked me not to give homeless people coffee otherwise they would constantly come back and not buy anything. Little did my boss expect the man to buy two leather jackets and a jeans.

Guess we Really Don’t know people as much as we think..

In the end it doesn’t matter what you do or how you act, you’ll always be judged without people knowing you and honestly, that says more about them than it says about you. It is okay, don’t let these kind of people make you, who is perfect with those beautiful imperfections that makes you stand out and not fit in be one of the “regular” people.

Don’t be like the rest of them darling, and I am not saying I do not judge we’re humans and judging is part of our nature, but you are able to change the way you judge. Some people call me naive because of it, but I look at someone with a blank page to give every person an equal chance of filling it with the facts that make them de individual that they are. Based on the facts wrote down for me I judge them. I let them individualize themselves for me, let them tell their story. Just like I don’t want to be seen as a person who is part of a big group of people with their typical characteristics. These characteristics are a part of me, but they do not only define well, ME. Same goes for the way I dress and how much make-up I’ve got on.

Just continue walking, please and never ever return

In the end I think all we should worry about is what our loved ones think about you, sometimes it even doesn’t matter what they think. We shouldn’t be brought down by the thoughts of a stranger. The more one realizes that the happier you’ll be in life, because who the fuck are they for treating you like that without knowing the inside of you. Next time someone does judge you for things that don’t define you raise your hand and give them the finger.

I’m an average 19-year old with 99 problems 
and judging people isn’t one of them