We Are United

With thanks to the Live Feed of snapchat alot people of the world were able to follow millions of muslims doing their umrah during Laylet El Kadr. For the people who have no knowlege about the Islam: Laylet El Kadr is the night when our holy book the quran was recited for the first time by our prophet Mohammed (May Peace Be Upon Him).

I was suprised to be honest I had never expected this to happen, but man the vieuw was beautiful! And what was it emotional to look at. It was overwelhming to see the unity of muslims from all over the world come together and pray together in such a peacefull and lovely manner. I was a bit jealous I really wanted to be there aswell it must have felt so amazing standing there with everyone and just pray.

CJ2N93IVEAA3XRQWhile recently the Islam was portrayed as a religion of terrorism, extremists and violence. It was eye opening how a 300 second feed can change so many minds and perspectives of something. My opinion for a first since a long time Islam was able to show how peacefull and united we are. We do not kill in the name of Allah nor in the name of the Prophet.

When people enter this holy place you do not see a black man or a white woman nor a rich person or a poor one. What you see was your brother, your sister a nice a cousin a big family reunion.  All in the same motion millions of people all over the world pray at the same time. The Vieuws shown by the mecca feed not only opend my eyes all again for the beauty of my own religion but alos the eyes of many others. From non- Muslims wanting to convert to people who saw muslim as terrorist to one who is intrested in the religion.

I hope that more and more people will see the beauty of this religion and no I won’t force anyone to convert nor will I hate you if you don’t, beacuse in the end all we want is to live peacefull together and help each other in need.

I hope people will now smile at a person with a hijab instead of just walk away and not to judge based on what the media says. Look for your own answers instead of just following.

For the people who have not been able to see the #live_Mecca feed can Click this link and watch the beauty of the city that really doesn’t sleep: Mecca

I’m an average 19-year old with 99 problems 
and being judged because of my religion
Is one of them.