Walls Around The Soul.

We all have felt that moment, that moment when you feel like someone is getting into your safety zone. 1
Someone does not accept the way you are or they hurt you and make you build a wall.

Some people try, try hard to be themself behind these walls.
A long time ago I was one of them.
Not confident
Not strong
Not knowing whats going on.

So this poem I wrote it for the people out there
who are struggling, struggling with themself.

My message today:

Stay strong and be who you are.
Be noticed. Noticed by your own charm. 

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The Heroes without any superpowers

This is written in memory of someone who isn’t here with me anymore.
In memory of the people who are still fighting for peace and safety.
for strong and ambitious people leaving safety and going out there to save the people who aren’t as lucky as us.
For the people who stayed home and need to hear the terrible news of losing their loved ones.
their death isn’t just to serve their country, but to serve all of us and give us a peaceful world. Continue reading