Prince Charming

When I was little my mom told me stories.
Princes and almighty knights.
When I was little, I expected this to be true
The princes and knights my mom would talk about will come.
Come and would change,
Change, my life.

When I grew up I ended up losing that,
That expectation
The expectation that the almighty prince or knight will come.
I only met the devilish dark princes and knights.
They made me lose faith in the stories
The stories my mom used to tell.

Then I met you,
When all expectations and all interest was gone.
Showing me that the stories,
The stories my mom once had told.
About that Prince and that Knight.

Where about you.


Walls Around The Soul.

We all have felt that moment, that moment when you feel like someone is getting into your safety zone. 1
Someone does not accept the way you are or they hurt you and make you build a wall.

Some people try, try hard to be themself behind these walls.
A long time ago I was one of them.
Not confident
Not strong
Not knowing whats going on.

So this poem I wrote it for the people out there
who are struggling, struggling with themself.

My message today:

Stay strong and be who you are.
Be noticed. Noticed by your own charm. 

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