When is it time to Let it go?

So there will be a time in your life when you know that you need to let go of someone, but can’t. It doesn’t matter what they do or what they say you just can’t tell them to walk out of your life even when they tell you they don’t want to be with you anymore and give mixed signals.

I’ve been there, I gave all I had to this one person who I thought I’d end up with. It started out like a modern fairytale, like really. Meeting someone through some app and then you talk more and notice you walked past each other.

Thinking about that person once every day changed into every second, talking to each other from the moment we woke up till sleeping time. There were no other people that sparkled my interest as he did, make me laugh or be happy with myself.

Soon things changed, you miscommunicate wrong and there is the first fight which was forgiven. Friends started to put their noses where it didn’t belong and made us argue about it several times, with the question:

“Are you being in a serious relationship with me?”


Yeah..it isn’t

There I was picking the pieces together.. Trying to make things work, make us work. There wasn’t a second I doubted we wouldn’t work because this feeling wasn’t a regular one.

Even when the ex knocked on the door in the de middle of the night telling that she had a fight with their parents ( traveled a long ass time to the house). I trusted in us, that us was stronger and that everything would be okay.

Still… I wasn’t able to let go, even though everyone told me I should because this, THIS situation wasn’t what I deserved.

I believed in us.

That person didn’t want to look me into the face nor want to see me in general.

I still couldn’t let go.

I was told sweet words, messing with my head, I asked what was the future where do we want to go?

or is we just me?

the answer constantly coming back was a plain

” I don’t know…”

Yet, I still couldn’t let go…

The frustration still built I took my distance trying to force myself to let go.
It worked as minutes and hours passed by I started to forget only to be dragged back down when a message was sent with the text.

” I love you and I miss you so”

Saying it’s okay to come and see me, say hello if the person had missed me so.

That person said ” No”

Knowing the feeling of reject and pain, I asked the same question.
I asked what was the future where do we want to go, or is we just me?

only getting the same old

“I don’t know..”

This time, frustration built up, anger was filled emotions going berserk and feeling messed up.

I was kept waiting on the sideline when I was needed or the person just needed sweet words. I pushed myself, for real, to finally let go.

I let that person go.

I felt miserable but as the hours, days and weeks passed by I finally had let go.

So when is really the time to let go?

I think a person should let go when they tried everything you could possibly do to save it. If all those things didn’t work, it’s time to let go.

That was one of the best things that happend in my life, I finally got the courage to let go of something i couldn’t change anymore.

Because if the person doesn’t know the worth of your tears.
The person isn’t worth you.

I’m an average 20-year old with 99 problems.
Letting go isn’t one of them anymore

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